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Over the past few years we have received several inquiries about various bottles that people have found.  I can probably provide information about all kinds of  Boy Scout memoriabilia from Camp Hinds and Pine Tree Council, unfortunately, I don't know anything about Hinds hand cream bottles.  If anyone know of a site which would have more information, I would be glad to post it here.

I did find the following on "ANTIQUE  BOTTLE PRICE  GUIDES"
A.S. Hinds bottles are very common.  The A.S. Hinds company was started in 1875.  they were bought out by Lehn & Fink in 1907. The honey almond cream product was still available in 1948.  Sample bottles about 1" tall of the cream are the most common.  These little lotion bottles are so common they hardly have any value unless they have label and or contents.  They were made by the A.S. Hinds Company of Portland, Maine.  Dates between 1890-1930.

Below are exerpts from some of the emails we have received.

Amy Turentine wrote:
"I have a glass bottle that has "Hinds Honey and Almond Cream" on it and would like to know possible the age and if there is any value to it. "

Jason Sanborn wrote:

"I was out and about when I decided to check out an old dump site in Saco, Maine. I found the bottle in a stream, surprised it was still intact. Is this of the same company you are focusing on?"

We asked if he would like to donate it to the Camp Hinds museum.

"Yeah sure, the bottle is yours. I have many. It may take me a day or so to get in the mail. I think it would be cool to donate it to someone who actually knows the history behind the name."

Judie Cushing wrote:

"I'm writing from Red Wing, MN and yesterday I was digging up a bush in my front lawn and down about two feet I found this little bottle.  It stands 5 1/2 inches tall and has AS Hinds on one side, and Portland, ME on the other.  It looks like it had a stopper rather than a twist cap and I'm wondering if you would be able to date the bottle for me.  I love finding treasures like this, and thanks to the internet, finding the history on such items has become quite easy!

Thank you for your help"

Debi Bryn wrote:

"I have an old clear glass bottle (no lid) that is stamped A.S.HINDS CO on the bottom.  It is also stamped 5031.  My daughter found it buried in her back yard in Pensacola.  I am not looking for any financial windfall.  I thought that if you have any type of historical or family museum you might want it.  I am sure it wouldn't cost me more than 2 bucks to mail it to you if you want it."

Phillip Hinds wote:


As a Hinds family I have heard family stories about Aurelius Stone Hinds and his company. I would be very interested in any information you might have. I would like some information on what happened to the family after the company was sold.

Thank you"

Angela Bellante wrote:

"I remember one of my aunts who used Hinds Honey and Almond Cream all the time. I was thinking about hand cream the other day and wondered if the cream is still manufactured, perhaps under another name or company.
I would appreciated knowing this especially since everything seems to be going organic these days.

Michele Williams wrote:

"Hi there,
While walking on a secluded lake on Northern Vancouver Island my daughter found a bottle with A.S. Hinds Co, Canada United, Toronto Canada on it.  It looks very old.  We are wondering if you might be able to give us some information on the bottle we found.

David W. Pohlscneider wrote:

"I was digging a dump recently and came across this bottle. I was hoping you could give me some info about it. It is embossed A.S. Hinds, 2" high, 1/2 wide, squared design. It is the smallest embossed bottle I have ever found. I was wondering if this was a trial size bottle possibly. I live in a small town north of Dayton OH. in case you are wondering. Any reply would be greatly appreciated."

Collette Morris wrote:

"I just cam across a small little book called In Beauty Land, with lovely little poems about Hinds products. This is the first I've seen these wonderful ads.  It's a pleasure.  Is there somewhere I can get repoduction's of these ads?

  I love the art work.

 Thank You"

Lynn Miner of Belmont Maine wrote:

"I have an ad for Hinds Honey & Almond Cream dated June 1912 from the Ladies Home Journal.  It gives the A. S. Hinds address as  40 West. St. Portland, Me. It is a black and white ad, approx 4-1/2 x 7-1/2" and I have attached a picture of it.  Do you know if this type of memorabilia would have any monetary value?
Thank you for your time."

"I may have already replied to you but in case I didn't  I do appreciate your taking the time to reply.  I had no idea Hinds funded the purchase of the Boy Scout Camp and that is quite interesting."

Gary Rockafellow wrote:

"I found an intact glass bottle of the honey & almond cream product on a New Jersey beach. It had a Bloomfield, NJ address.  Any idea of an approximate date for the containerís manufacture?"

Jerry Clemens wrote:

My name is Jerry Clemens and I have come across an old bottle of Hinds honey and almond cream.  My neighbor was tearing down an old barn and it just fell out on the ground.  The bottle is very small and slips into its own cardboard box with the top sticking out.  The bottom of the box say trial size. The box is basicly still readable and has a picture of a woman on the top center of the box. The bottle is dirty but good and has writing on all four sides with a number 2 on the bottom. The stopper is gone but there is still some lotion hardened on the side from where it layed.  I was just interested in the approximate age of the bottle or any info I can find."

Kenneth Walker wrote:

"Hello, I was digging around the banks of the Salem River in New Jersey and along with 5 or 6 older bottles, I found a Hinds bottle for Honey and Almond cream. The bottle matches very much to what is shown in the advertisements on your webpage. The bottle, however, was broken in two pieces. But, I was able to hot glue them back together and clean the bottle enough to see the writting clearly on the front. The bottle was found with other bottles dating anywhere from the 1920s to as late as the 1960s. There are two areas on writing on the bottle. The front says "HINDS HONEY AND ALMOND CREAM A.S. HINDS CO. BLOOMFIELD, NJ USA" and the bottom which reads "AS HINDS CO IC4-IAH 20" I was wondering what the meaning of the numbers and letters on the bottom meant. I wasn't sure if it was a serial number or plant number. I was also wondering if Hinds had a plant near or in Bloomfield as I live about 2 hours from the city. I have also enclosed a few pictures to help with anything. Thank you for your help."

Charlie Schnabel wrote:
I live in a house built in 1886 near Pflugerville, Texas.  While plowing a field, I found a very small (about 1 1/4 inches wide and maybe 2 inches tall.  Hinds Honey and Almond Cream and Alcohol 7 per cent was written on the side.  It had a cork top.  Such a cute little bottle and must be prettiy old.  Enjoyed the web page and all the adds. 

Angela Thompson wrote on March 20, 2011:
Today my son was helping a friend with his Eagle Scout project in Franklin, TN.  They are both Scouts with a troop in the Nashville, TN area, and will have their Eagle court of honor later this spring.  While they were preparing the work site, my son dug up an old glass bottle and brought it home to add to my collection of my grandmother's spice bottles.  It is an A.S. Hinds Honey and Almond Cream bottle.  I was curious as to the company.  When I googled the company name, I discovered the Hinds family's involvement with Scouting in Maine.  Thought it was an interesting coincidence, and wanted to pass it along.

Best wishes for your Scouting endeavors.
A. Thompson

Chris Powers wrote on May 15, 2011:
Dear Friends of Hinds,
Hello from South Carolina. My name is Chris Powers. My wife Traci and I live in Graniteville, SC. I just read with interest your page about Hinds Honey & Almond Cream. Our dog Dottie was doing her normal digging up our yard. When she digs, I'm talking like four to six foot tunnels. My normal thing is to just put the dirt back. The other day I noticed a small glass bottle in the pile of dirt. I washed it off and read in raised lettering S.A. Hinds Honey & Almond Cream. That's why I googled the name. The cap on the bottle has the same symbol that you have on your website's background.
Your website was very informative to us because we had never heard of the company before. We wanted to share this with you in case you find our story interesting.

Chris Powers 

Kris Jensen wrote on May 29, 2011

Dear Friends of Hinds,
I grew up on a farm in Iowa owned and operated by my Grandfather and then my Father for several years.  I believe it has been in the family since the 40s.
 While visiting the family land (now completely farm land with no homestead) my spouse ran across a glass bottle of your product (see .jpg picture attached) Honey and Almond cream showing made in USA.
 I found  your website, but no bottles similar to the one I found on the family land.  Just wondering what era this would be from? 
Would appreciate any insight you can offer.
 Many thanks!
Kris K. Jensen

Tracy Aaron wrote on January 27, 2012

Dear Friends,
My name is Tracy Aaron and I live in Florence, Oregon.  I live at a Girl Scout Camp with my husband, who's the ranger, and my 4 children.  This morning my youngest son and myself were throwing rocks in the lake and I looked down in the sand and found a small bottle.  Since its been in the water for awhile, there was obviously no label, but it has "Hinds Honey and Almond Cream. A.S. Hinds Co. Bloomfield" stamped into the glass.  I was hoping it would be something old and exciting!!  I was very happy to find your website, and appreciate the info you have there. 
Thanks Again!

David Blake wrote on March 6, 2012

I live in Victoria Australia. While working on a garden today, I found a Hinds bottle labelled Bloomfield New Jersey U.S.A.  No lid but the bottle is in very good condition still, would you know how old it would be and if Hinds was widely avalible in Australia? 
Thanks, Dave.

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