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Sun Aug 23, 2009 07:02:18
Norman Cash
Camped with troop 80 in early

Recently attended the Eagle Scout Gathering at the camp. Had a chance to donate some old pictures my father Phil Cash had taken back in the 60's era. Thanks to the staff for a nice outing.
Mon Aug 17, 2009 08:29:18
Scott Dinsmore

Good Morning,

My Uncle (Charles Dinsmore, whom was also a staff member in 1962) had been visiting your camp recently and he found an old staff photo on your site. He forwarded to me because there was a picture of my father.

In your online photo, 1960, "Friend of Hinds Staff Photo", middle row, 3rd from right, is my Dad, William J. Dinsmore III. Right now you have a "?" for him, so I thought I would fill in the blank.

My father, now retired from schoolteaching and the military, went on to become a Lt. Col in the US Army and Vietnam veteran. He flew helicopters. He was not only a military educator (taught flight school), but a scholastic educator for more then 25 years. I thought this information would be good background for your camp and also because I'm proud of my Dad.
Tue Mar 10, 2009 13:29:17
Brigadier General (Ret) Steve Curry
Camp Staff 1964-1967, 1972

What a great site!! Kudos to Dean for taking on the leadership of this effort. My dad, George, and my brothers, Dave and Ken, shared many wonderful summers and weekends at Camp Hinds, working with good friends, learning and teaching ourselves and many other young men how to become good citizens and leaders. I am the proud father of two Eagle Scouts and seize on every opportunity to relate the old "stories" of Camp Hinds life and experiences to them and their children. Looking forward to visiting Camp Hinds again this summer.
Again, thanks for the great work, Dean!
Thu Jan 15, 2009 09:43:46
Paul Gooch
Winter Camp, etc.

Great Job, Dean.... I remember Winter Camp in the Training Center: ice fishing for charlie tuna, young men bursting with pride over sleeping in snow shelters in-sub freezing weather, skeet shooting in the rain, Dean's TRS-80s, and skunking Marty in cribbage! Thanks for sharing the tradition!
Fri Nov 28, 2008 20:21:17
Mike "Chipmunk" Lorrain
4 summers on staff

I fondly remember my time at Camp Hinds, both on the staff and as a camper. I make it a tradition every time I return to Maine for a visit to take my sons to Hinds, show them the plaques in the Dining Hall and tell them stories about the unbelievable summers I spent there. I am looking forward to my next trip back!

Mike "Chipmunk" ; Lorrain
LCDR(SEL), Supply Corps, US Navy
Sat Nov 15, 2008 22:20:00
Jeremy Keough
Camp staff 1986-1989

Staff at camp hinds and camper with Troop 111
Wed Nov 05, 2008 14:03:02
Dave Willis
Camper 1949-51, Staff (Waterfront)

My brother, John Willis, emailed to me the web connection. It brought back a flood of forgotten experiences and wonderful memories. I shared the Chipmunk Point cabin with BoBo Judson, Tom Merrill and Wayne McDuffy. I didn't recognize Wayne in the photo, but maybe someone else can. I'll look harder for Wayne in the photo.
Tom Merrill was Aquatic Director that year, following the many years that Dick Gustafson held the position. I remember struggling to pass the swimmer's test in 1949 (swimming freestyle to the float, and backstroke back to the dock, and then surface diving to the bottom (it seemed to be fathomless) to pick up a handful of sand. Four years later I was teaching swimming! What a wonderful foundation Scouting gave to young men.
Best regards to everyone who was, and still is, involved with BSA at Camp William Hinds.
Tue Nov 04, 2008 14:40:07
Mike Richard
Adult Leader Training Team, Casco Bay

Thanks for the efforts. keep up the good work.
Thu Oct 16, 2008 09:11:07
Keith Nixon
International camp staff 1986

Well done Dean. You are a star and valued the world over. Best wishes to my chums in Maine and New England. I still keep an eye on you good people from Capel St Mary UK (google earth?)
Tue Sep 30, 2008 14:38:52
Chris Connolly
CIT 1994

I was looking over the Friends of Hinds website and saw many things that I remember. I was a CIT during the 94 Summer Camp. I have a lot of fond memories of Camp Hinds and it is nice to see the site. After 14 years I still remember my summers there as a Camper and Staff Member.

Chris Connolly
Cub Scout Pack 162

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